Meet the Team

Denis Hevey, CEO


Denis Hevey is the CEO and founder of the The Positive Performance Academy and Positivity Ireland. Denis is a highly skilled performance coach, consultant and speaker with extensive leadership experience from the helm of business, sporting and military organisations.

Denis runs a successful personal coaching business, working with executives, athletes and individuals seeking to thrive in their careers and personal lives. You can find out more about Denis’s coaching HERE >>

Denis is passionate about promoting the science of positive psychology and human performance, so that everybody and every organisation can reach their Individual Zone of Optimal Functionality®

Lorna Lawless, Associate and Brand Manager

Lorna has a BSc in Psychology and is currently completing her Masters Degree in Coaching Psychology at UCC. She has a keen interest in the study of Flow. The focus of her thesis research has been to gain a rich understanding of athletes experiences of Flow states and how it benefits their performance.

 Lorna is also our online marketing and branding specialist. She has played an integral role in revamping our look and online presence here at the Positive Performance Academy.


Catherine O’ Riordan, Associate

Catherine researches and writes a lot of our programme material. She has a first class honours degree in psychology and recently completed her MSc in work and organisational psychology. Catherine has a life long interest in human functionality and performance and is passionate about helping people reach their full potential. Catherine has traveled to the south pole and likes to make art in her free time.