Are You Stuck In A Small Pond?


Have you ever felt limited in your potential reaching capabilities?

It is a sad fact that we are often conditioned into believing that our potential has a set capacity to grow. It is almost as if there is some form of invisible boundaries that set the blueprint for abilities. This can be seen in the analogy of a goldfish only growing to a size defined by the circumference of it’s fishbowl, or a bonsai tree been stunted by the size of it’s flower pot.

However, this is purely cognitive conditioning resulting from a lack of having a growth focused mindset. The truth is, we can aim as high as our imaginations will allow us. It is all down to our own perception of our own potential.

Never stop aiming for the best in life. Do not limit your potential by believing you are stuck in a small pond. Expand your horizons, believe in yourself, and unleash the boundaries of your mind.

We are not a drop in the ocean, we are an entire ocean in a single drop.

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