Stone-Agers in the Fast Lane to… – Problems with Modern Talent Development

Stone Agers

Does the modern young talent development culture need an upgrade?

What our young talent is telling us:

“We expect everything but the will to work for nothing, especially if it can be ‘hacked’ instead.

We are engaged with being endlessly entertained because we are told we are worthy and only deserve the best.

We are starved of the skills to be self-determined and to ‘lift a finger’ because we are too busy thinking of ourselves instead of for ourselves.

We are conditioned and programmed to believe that there is a ‘fast-track’ solution and the ‘product upgrade’ to being the next overnight success.

We believe we can hack this without getting off the sofa and doing the ‘hand graft’ ourselves.

We are over-stimulated with 250+ satellite channels, multi video game systems, MP3s in hundreds, more Apps than we can ever apply and 3D movies that rewire our brains and threaten our moral fibre.

We are ‘Stone-agers’ in the fast lane without the traditional skills and ability to drive to our destiny.

We are lost and question what have you done to create this situation for this iY Generation?”

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