About Us

At the Positive Performance Academy, we excel in the following 5 areas:

Career Positive Progression Coaching

Whether you are still thinking of what subjects/courses to pick for your studies or going through a career transition, we have the tools, resources, experience to positively support purposeful decision making, work-ethic, goal setting and getting.

Workshops and Programmes for Individuals/Organisations/Trainers

We work progressively with people, talented teams and professional trainers to provide them with the positive performance achievement tool kit, skills, capabilities and AAA motivation®. Our workbooks and manuals support the skilful navigation of challenges and change to achieve sustainable progress and  AAA performance®.

Executive Strategic Coaching and Directional Vision

We work with top executives and CEO’s to help them clarify their vision, strategic intent and action plan to successfully tackle corporate strategic purpose and sticky human alignment issues as part of learning the skill of positive influential leadership.

Workshops and Programmes for Sports/Coaching Teams

We work with sports teams to help them develop the mental toughness skills required to bridge and bond team spirit that binds to the ultimate performance.

Mental Muscle Performance Coaching for Athletes/Professionals

All top performing athletes understand that the mental skills they bring to their sport is a critical determining factor in their performance. We coach athletes to help them overcome barriers to success, and cultivate the mind-set for optimal and sustainable performance.

How we work?

The Top 3 Offerings are:

  • Private or In Company, one to one progressive sessions, centered on Positive Development and Performance Coaching, tailored packages available on request.
  • In Company or Public, Positive Development and Performance Introductory to Mastery Level Workshops or Professional Training Programmes, bespoke on request or as advertised.
  • Once off short introductory sessions on the progressive principles of AAA Performance® and how it is supported by AAA Motivation® that explains the art of accelerated achievement.

What are the benefits?
The Top 3 benefits of our service are: 

  • Behavioural skills, proven practical tools and deliberate daily practices to effectively manage the talent development and growth of self and others.
  • Self-knowledge of personal competences and resources to enhance capacities and capabilities of self and others with confidence and leadership.
  • Coping skills and strategies to build resilience to recognise and re-frame future setbacks as stepping stones to sustaining success.

What are our achievements like?

The Top 3 results from effective engagement in our programmes are: 

  • Increased control in purposefully mapping a meaningful self-direction in career and life and the support and drive to deliver on the desired destiny.
  • Increased mastery of competences and self-knowledge with the authentic confidence to purposefully grow capacities and capabilities in self and others.
  • Increased relatedness and abilities to foster constructive and supportive relationships and being authentically connected to what actually counts.

Why we work?

Our Meaning and Purpose for our existence and success is:

We Believe, our offerings reflect:

  • our values and our promise to your performance for your potential realisation,
  • our commitment to the use of scientific fact over scientific fiction.

Our Top 5 established Values reflect why clients are OUR clients:

  • Caring; “we are all in this together” is our mantra. We have found over the years that people don’t care about what we know, until they know we care.                  Our Passion is Your Potential.
  • Change; “perception of change is not real and lasting change”.  We focus on what works best for you based on scientific fact not fiction or opinion.                          Our Promise is Your Performance.
  • Ignite; “imposing is manipulating, igniting is inspiring”. We realise that getting the ‘most’ from self/others is not the same as getting the very ‘best’.                  Our Purpose is Your Progression.
  • Drive: “drive your dream don’t just dream it”. We promote that you act or you accept. Results need your action, attraction gives unfulfilled expectations.       Our Process gives you Your Proprietary.
  • Achievement; “Being better and not just feeling better”. We support sustainable success and design good interventions rather than good intentions.                Our Priority gives you Your Priority. 


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