Performance Training for Teams




Top performance takes more than possessing certain knowledge, skills and abilities. In fact, research shows that the teams with the most amount of technical talent are often less likely to win. Success and top performance requires a mental skill-set, a vital ingredient which is often overlooked in athletic training. To be at the top of their game, sports teams need to have the ability to perform in the storm. Performing is the storm is about being able to consistently perform our skills and abilities at optimal capacity under highly challenging circumstances. Quite often, what distinguishes an average team from a top-level team, are the mental and psychological skills the players bring on the day. Ask any high performing sportsperson or sports team; most of them will agree that attitude and mental skills are critical to performance under pressure.



At the Positive Performance Academy, we offer one-to-one and group Performance Coaching for teams. We also run a wide range of programmes and workshops designed to develop the psychological, emotional and social skills needed for top performance.

Performance coaching and training helps sports teams to discover and learn about the attitude and mental skills that enhance their performance. The development of these skills is not a natural by-product of the development of knowledge or talent. For many performers, the support of knowledgeable, skilled and experienced performance expert can make the key difference in their performance when it matters the most.



Our Performance Training helps Teams to:

  • Face new Challenges and Changes
  • Bounce Back from Injury or Setbacks
  • Break out of a Performance Plateau
  • Cope Better with Stress and Pre Performance Anxiety
  • Gain a Fresh Perspective and Clear Strategy
  • Effectively Manage Interpersonal Difficulties
  • Get Greater Clarity about How they can Improve Performance
  • Enhanced Self-Awareness and Mood Management Skills
  • Develop the Strength and Ability to take Personal Responsibility
  • Gain Confidence and Motivation
  • Improve Communication Skills and Team Relationships



If you are interested in finding out more about the programmes and workshops we run, or how Strengths-Based Training could benefit your organisation, we would be happy to help. For more information, contact us here >>