Kindness…. What’s not to like?

Kindness…. Everyone Benefits from it..What’s not to like?


Any one who has ever committed random acts of kindness will know the boost in happiness it can leave us with. It can be extending a warm smile to someone, or buying someone in need a cup of coffee. No matter how small or big the act is, it can make us feel good, and increase the wellbeing of the person on the receiving end of our kindness.

Recent studies by Pressman et al., (2014) investigated the effect that one off random acts of kindness has on both the giver and the receiver. For this study, participants had to commit random acts of kindness for an hour and a half.

Interestingly, they found that participants who committed random acts of kindness had a significant increase in their wellbeing. Reporting feeling happier and a decrease in negative feelings. Similar results were also found in people who received the random acts of kindness, so much so that 40% of them had been inspired to do it themselves. This is the beauty of the pay it forward way of thinking.

So, in summary, this study empirically supports the evidence that both giving and receiving kindness can increase our happiness and decrease our negative feelings. Also, it has been found that by being kind to others, they are more likely to pay it forward and spread the kindness.

Lets make this world a happier place, by doing small simple acts of kindness for one another. You will feel good about it, they will feel good about it and it’s free! What is not to like about that?

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Pressman, S. D., Kraft, T. L., & Cross, M. P. (2014). It’s good to do good and receive good: The impact of a ‘pay it forward’style kindness intervention on giver and receiver well-being. The Journal of Positive Psychology, (ahead-of-print), 1-10.

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