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Workshop 1Denis Hevey is an ICF Accredited Coach & holds a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology. His main area of research, expertise & passion is “Optimal Human Functionality” & “Flow Coaching” for individuals, teams, schools & organisations. He is the founder & MD of the Positive Performance Academy.

Prior to this, Denis had 17 years of decorated Military Service up to the rank of Captain. Having experienced the exhilaration of crisis management and conflict prevention with the UN during the wars in Kuwait & Beirut in 1989 & with a taste for more trills, Denis then decided, on his return from these war zones, to study business & accountancy!!!– swapped his camouflage for calculators & boardrooms.

He went on to have a very successful 17 year career in Financial Services to include CEO positions with both The Insurance Institute of Ireland & the Association of Compliance Officers & holds Fellowships of both the Institute of Certified Public Accountants & of the Association of Compliance Officers. Masters in Business Studies & Masters in Applied Positive Psychology & he is also an NLP Practioner. (Denis also happens to be dyslexic). Despite this he was/is a passionate & successful “academic & career junky.”

No stranger to other adversity also, Denis has overcome multiple back injuries which cut short a promising sporting career in his youth and required several invasive surgical interventions over 30 years. More recently, (2009), he was left completely incapacitated following his last extensive surgery. Through grit and daily rehab rituals & against all medical predictions, within a year he had fought back to regain his total well-being which included one of the most basic human functions, the ability to walk unaided.

He is recognised internationally as a refreshing & engaging public speaker and known to use “quirky” props so his message is remembered long after the event. He conducts a series of presentations and/or workshops that underpin his three laws of optimal performance with their supportive three levels of motivation that sustain serial success by properly resourcing resolutions so they become desired reality.

He is very happy to share his own life experiences, as well as his professional expertise and research on the benefits of positive motivation & performance in true talent development which sustains success. This is his true passion & his ultimate & most rewarding career (to-date). His talks, presentations & workshops are engaging, insightful but most of all igniting, so the “fire in the belly” burns brightly!

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