Finding Flow: The Essence of Escalati...

Finding Flow: The Essence of Escalating Excellence
Escalating the Edge of Excellence – Finding Follow the above link for our writings on ‘finding flow’, this is the topic of our upcoming workshops (23rd/24th May) based in Carton House. The above article explores the benefits of flow and an overview of the conditions necessary for a flow state to occur. Our upcoming workshop [...]

Upcoming Events: Forging Flow for Pea...

Upcoming Events: Forging Flow for Peak AAA® Performance.
Forging Flow for Peak AAA® Performance. The Essence of Escalating Elite Excellence. The Positive Performance Academy is running a one day introductory Flow workshop focused on the skills of Forging Flow and the development YOUR Ideal Performance State (IPS) so you can compete with Peak AAA® Performance. These initiatives are aimed at sports a [...]

The H.E.R.O. Programme – Positi...

The H.E.R.O. Programme – Positive Education Interventions in Ireland.
The HERO Programme

Proactive Positive Education Interven...

Proactive Positive Education Interventions that Make a Proven Progressive Difference
The current approach to reducing the number of suicides by young people is quite simply not effective. Suicide rates among young people in Ireland are among the highest in the world. This is despite the many suicide prevention programmes, that are been rolled out across many institutions in this country. So what is going on? Research suggests [...]

Stone-Agers in the Fast Lane to…...

Stone-Agers in the Fast Lane to… – Problems with Modern Talent Development
Does the modern young talent development culture need an upgrade? What our young talent is telling us: “We expect everything but the will to work for nothing, especially if it can be ‘hacked’ instead. We are engaged with being endlessly entertained because we are told we are worthy and only deserve the best. We are starved of the skill [...]

What is Flow?

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  “Flow” is the term psychologists use to refer to conscious states in which we are completely immersed in what we are doing. The term ‘flow’ was given to these states by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who is a world renowned psychological expert on ‘optimal experiences’. He first became interested in these states when researching [...]