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What We Do.

The Positive Performance Academy is a coaching and consultation firm. We specialize in working with people and organisations who want to be the best at what they do. We  provide progressive coaching and training, one to one or in team workshops, that positively support progressive performance with purpose, passion and precision. We support our clients full potential realisation profiting from more productive performances based on optimal functionality.

The Positive Performance Academy has at its core a new linear performance model, a growth mind-set and an action principled, achievement based approach. Our main area of expertise is “Optimal & Ultimate Functionality,” “Flow Coaching “and “AAA Motivation® & Laws of AAA Performance®.” Our energy and passion is fixed on “Accelerating the Art of Achievement” by the accumulated advantage of actions.

Our aim is underpinned by the science of positive and performance psychology to guide and support you and/or team to progressively perform at the ultimate best.

Your performance is our promise,

Your potential is our priority,

Your purpose is our passion!


What can we do for you? The Top 3 results from effective engagement in our programmes are:

  • Increased control in purposefully mapping a meaningful self-direction in career and life and the support and drive to deliver on the desired destiny.
  • Increased mastery of competencies and self-knowledge with the authentic confidence to purposefully grow capacities and capabilities in self and others.
  • Positive Increased relatedness and abilities to foster constructive and supportive relationships and being authentically connected to what actually counts.